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Environments for good habits

With the start of the new year, many people are making new year's resolutions. Instead of resolutions, I encourage you to set goals. There are a lot of articles and good advice out there that will help you set attainable goals. One of my goals for this year is to read more. Reading is a great way to unwind and learn at the same time! I used to be an avid reader back before college, husband and kids. The first book I am reading this year is Atomic Habits by James Clear. It came highly recommended by a friend of mine. This book is all about how and why we should ditch bad habits and develop good ones. So far, I have found the chapter that talks about how our environment can either keep us stuck in bad habits or how it can help us develop good habits very interesting. The book talks a lot about how we become a product of our environment that we live in. It is very difficult for an individual to stick to good habits in a negative environment. To create behaviors and habits that are stable and predictable, we need an environment that is stable and predictable. This got me thinking; how does this thought process apply to our living environments? How can we change our environment to change our habits?

Many homeowners have expressed to me that a home filled with chaos leaves them feeling anxious and stressed. I can agree with that! Coats, hats, gloves, boots, backpacks, trombones, the list goes on. Some days, two kids feels like ten. Where did all of these shoes come from? How is it that we have eight single gloves and none of them have a mate?

If you are like me, organization is not my natural habit so I need spaces that are easy to organize. How nice would it be to come home each night to a home where everything you own has a designated 'away' place. I am here to tell you that it is possible. Good design does not require large rooms with walk-in closets. Good design allows for each room to meet the needs of each function the room requires. How can small changes to your environment make big changes to your habits? Make a list of all of the 'bad' habits you would like to change this year. Once you have your list, ask yourself how changes to your environment can help change your bad habits to good habits. The book also talks about each space in your home having one use. That is not always possible, but what if each function had it's own 'space'. Does your dining room table fulfill multiple functions? Does it serve as a mail sorting station, home office and a place to eat? How can we change our environment to separate out our tasks? If you are ready to change your environment to make your home a more peaceful place, reach out to see how lilyhome can make it a reality this year. There is no better time to start something new than right now.

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